Cooking with Kangen Water

Eat for Health and for Life!

Maximize the purpose of your Enagic® machine by learning how to prepare healthy meals with Kangen Water®. Chef Pascal Allaire, a certified Nutritionist, Holistic Practitioner, and world-renown Classic French Chef, has created a dynamite DVD series called “Open the Door to Evolution.” In these instructional videos, he teaches simple techniques for cleaning fresh ingredients and cooking healthy meals with the help of Kangen Water®, Strong Kangen Water, and Strong Acidic Water. You will be amazed at how many uses your Enagic® machine has in the food preparation process!

Pascal CookingYou’re already drinking Kangen Water® to hydrate for your overall health, and now you can learn how to combine the heath benefits of Enagic® water with a step-by-step cooking program. Discover how you can clean and soak all your ingredients, create gourmet classic French sauces, cook delicious fresh seafood and meats, and even concoct decadent desserts with the help of your reliable Enagic® machine. This DVD will show how you can reduce fatigue, invigorate the body naturally with “Living Food”, and reach greater levels of performance with Kangen Water® Cuisine.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you can prepare healthy meals for your friends, family, and anyone who may be interested in learning more about Kangen Water®. Chef Pascal’s cooking methods are simple, fun, and a perfect family-centered activity.

Chef Pascal’s DVD “Open the Door to Evolution” is available online for direct ordering at This is also the perfect gift for anyone who is health-conscious, enjoys new cooking techniques, or loves Kangen Water®.

Prepare food with passion and purpose!

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8 thoughts on “Cooking with Kangen Water

  1. We love the way Strong Kangen Water pH 11.5 cleans our produce from pesticides and other nasties. Everything tastes better! And we use the 9.5 pH water for cooking most of our meals, everything has more flavor, the micro-clustered water pulls the flavor from the food as you cook it. And when you cook pasta with the 5.5-6.0 pH (beauty water) the noodles are much more firm. Can you say “al dente”…. forget about it!

  2. I want to use the Kangen water for cooking foods and drinks. Is there a place to go where we can share information, and experiences when cooking with the different types of ph. Maybe just the common foods, pasta, rice, raw meat, steaming foods ect. . I know what they say about coffee, and that is make bad coffee tastes better. But just the opposite when using the water on good quality coffee, it makes a flat cup.
    Any help is appreciated Dave in Denver

  3. I would like to have information and cost as to how much it costs to get started for this water. My husband and I are both diabetic, heart disease, etc. we are both 78 yrs old, and live in The Villages, Fl. a retirement community of about 70,000 people. We would all like to get well! Please send more info. as soon as possible. Thanks

    • Hello!

      If you haven’t received any assistance yet, I would be glad to help you. You can reach me at 561 666 2816. I am in Miami, but can assistance you in getting a unit and getting started using Kangen water in your home.

      All the best,
      Hana Dolgin

    • Hi Janet, I’m sure you have probably received a response before now, but just in case you haven’t I’m sending you a message. It will be very easy for you to get started with a Kangen Alkaline SunUs Starter Model. You can purchase with a minimal down payment and 10 payments of just $108 per month. Take a look at my website at Click on “Order Now”, and then United States. You can then look at every model available and decide then which is best for you. Feel free to give me a call if you’d like more information on starting your own Kangen Alkaline Water business.

    • Hello, how are you? I saw your posting and was checking with you to see someone has contacted about your interest in the water. Have a great day. Monica

  4. My Dad lives in The Villages and I am very familiar with the community.People from the Villages are very active and many are health conscious individuals. How can I help you? I am located in the Orlando area. 407.342.1474

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