Healthy and Regular with Kangen Water®

America’s Common Battle
Too many Americans struggle with irregularity, poor digestion, and bloating. These common problems attack people of all ages, and can be terribly uncomfortable and unhealthy.

What if there were one product that could help avoid these unfavorable symptoms? Instead of taking expensive supplements, why not return your body to its origin with Kangen Water® – clean, refreshing alkaline water that can be made in your own home with the push of a button on your Enagic® machine!

Healthy Digestion with Kangen Water®

8 glasses of Kangen Water®

Fortunately, when you have Kangen Water®, you have an excellent support for healthy digestion and waste elimination!1 Alkaline water has been found to promote a healthy stomach and the natural processes of the intestines. So when you drink the recommended 6 to 8 glasses of water a day, you’re not only taking control of your hydration needs, you’re also proactively supporting healthy digestion!

Kangen Water® can also help reduce some forms of bloating. Many people feel bloated when they drink 8 glasses of ordinary water a day. But thanks to Kangen Water’s micro clustering and quick absorption, there is a higher “drinkability” of this delicious alkaline water. 64 ounces later, you won’t have the annoying bloated feeling that is so common with other types of beverages.

So fill up your reusable water bottle or canteen before leaving the house, and drink Kangen Water® all day long for healthy digestion and regularity!

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6 thoughts on “Healthy and Regular with Kangen Water®

    • drink the water and don’t eat any white sugar and white oat for four month. Candida loves sugar. The best is to only eat ph food also. Google and find out about it. Candida loves sugar.

  1. Here’s my protocol with Kangen Water. I drink Kangen Water throughout the day with the exception that I stop drinking Kangen Water about a half hour before I eat and then I start drinking more Kangen Water about 45 minutes after I eat. Because I am drinking enough throughout the day, I don’t feel that I need to drink with my meals. My digestion seems to really work great, no heartburn and no indigestion. When I was a kid, I used to hear that you shouldn’t drink with your meals, now I know that it is best that way!

  2. Being new to Kangen water I am impressed at how quickly it has changed my drinking habits and how my system has become very regular. Since I work outdoors for a living I consume two gallons a day and really notice the lack of desire to drink anything else. Thanks Kangen for a wonderful product.

  3. I and my family have bend drinking enagic water for over two years and i stop drinking pops at that time. we all love this water and we have not had any illness in my family sense we started. this kangen water so refreshing and help our digestive system.( we do try to eat right too)

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