Bring Kangen Water® to Movie Night

Did you miss any of the summer blockbusters this year while you were busy with your family vacations, picnics, and BBQ’s? Fall is a great time to grab those movies on DVD and watch them with your family.

You have your DVD, blankets and pillows, and bowl of popcorn when the kids ask for a drink. As you walk in the kitchen you find yourself faced with sugar-loaded snacks and caffeinated beverages, threatening to undo all your hard work to stay fit and healthy.

Don’t give in! Grab yourself and the family great tasting, healthy Kangen Water® to ensure that you don’t consume sugar-loaded drinks or unhealthy snacks. Like all water, Kangen Water® can help ward off cravings and desires toward unhealthy choices and sustain your hunger until the next healthy snack or meal. With Kangen Water® you know you’ll be filling up on clean, healthy water full of anti-oxidant power and free from contaminants often found in bottled water or tap water.

Bringing Kangen Water® to your family movie night sets a great example for yourchildren, teaching them that the movie experience can be enjoyed without filling up on sugar-loaded drinks and unhealthy snacks. You’ll also avoid the mood swings from the dreaded sugar rush and crash that comes when you mix children, candy, and soda. Keep your children happy, healthy, and balanced by remembering to fill smaller bottles with Kangen Water®. They’ll enjoy fresh, clean water and be delighted to have a bottle that’s all their own.

With Kangen Water® by your side you can enjoy the movies much more, knowing that you are keeping your body happy and healthy with only the best

Happy 4th of July!

4th of July!Today is a day for BBQ’s, picnics, fireworks, friends and family. It is the 4th of July in America and we, as a united nation, celebrate our independence.

Luckily, as Kangen Water® drinkers, there is a second independence we celebrate:  Our independence from drinking tap and bottled water, and using chemical-laden products to clean our home!  We now turn to Kangen Water® for our hydration and household needs. The best part is that this independence is not limited to one nation. It is worldwide! We unite with Kangen Water® drinkers around the entire globe in our celebration.

According to recent investigations, tap water in 42 states has been found contaminated with more than 140 unregulated chemicals that lack safety standards.  Bottled water is less regulated than tap water and is a killing our environment with the plastic waste. As for cleaning products, there are typically severe warnings on the back of the packaging informing us to the health risks involved should we accidentally digest it. Also, more often than not, we cannot even  pronounce the name of the chemicals they are made with and we must exercise caution when using them.
Enagic's 1 gallon bottle
Kangen Water® helps us avoid all of these! It gives us pure, living water to drink that actually aids our bodies. And with the different pH levels a Kangen Water® machine offers, you can use the water in lieu of your cleaners and detergents for chemical-free cleaning.

So today we globally unite as Kangen Water® drinkers to cherish the freedom it has given us and be thankful for its benefits. Let’s make today the day we share the water with someone else so they, too can experience the freedom and celebrate their independence.

Pets Need Water, Too!

For many people, summer means enjoying the outdoors. We play at the beach, pool, and parks. We enjoy BBQ’s or even lounging in our own backyards.

While out in the sun, it is important to make sure we’re drinking plenty of fluids, but it is best to hydrate our bodies with Kangen Water®.
Pets need water just like we do!
A member of the family whose hydration may be overlooked at times is our pet! When we bring our pets along to enjoy the outdoors, we should remember that they need water just like us.

Animals do not sweat, which makes it much more difficult for them to cool down as effectively as we do. If your pet is thirsty and does not have access to its own water, it may turn to puddles for a source of water, which can contain antifreeze and other contaminants.
Make sure to pack a bottle of Kangen Water® just for your pet and give it enough fresh, cool water to stay hydrated throughout the day. Also, create a special shady spot so your pet can escape the heat, and consider a shorter haircut to keep it cool.

Remember, pets need water just like we do!