Markups To Avoid

The award-winning consumer finance website has recently released a list of the 10 most overpriced and highest marked-up items you should avoid. Although we can’t help you out with items like Text Messages (#1 on the list) or Greeting Cards (#8 on the list), we do have a couple suggestions that could help you save money.

Bottled Water

Bottled water has a 4,000% markup, which makes it the #2 Product to Avoid according to The outrageous markup is partly due to the fact that it takes five bottles of water to make the plastic for one bottle of water.1 Not only is this harmful for your pocket book, but it’s also bad news for the environment. Thankfully, you can save money on pricey bottled water by filling a container with Kangen Water® before you leave the house. It is fast, convenient, and available in your own home with the touch of a button. Kangen Water® is the healthy, affordable choice for every health and budget-conscious American.


Thanks to trendy, comfortable coffee shops, your cup of gourmet coffee probably has a 300% markup.brew your favorite (low acidic) coffee at home with healthy, alkaline Kangen points out the startling fact that while you pay $3 or more for your favorite cafe coffee, you can make the same quality cup of coffee at home for 25 cents. Why not save some money and brew your favorite (low acidic) coffee at home with healthy, alkaline Kangen Water®? You can cut out the cost and the high levels of acidity!

Don’t get trapped into high markup products that are easily avoidable! You can capitalize on quality and savings when you get creative with Kangen Water®. And perhaps you can even start writing your own greetings cards while you’re brewing Kangen Water®¬†coffee in the comfort of your own home!