Kangen Water® – Produce’s Best Friend!

You know it’s summer when you start to see fresh berries, cherries, corn, summer squash, broccoli, peaches, and plums. Summer is the best time of the year to buy your produce from local merchants! Many neighborhoods have outdoor farmer’s markets, where you can get great deals on fresh fruits and vegetables and support your local community at the same time. You can also take your kids to the local farm to pick your own berries and peaches.

When you prepare to serve all the wonderfully fresh summer produce, you should first take the time to properly clean it. Even organic produce should be washed before serving. Did you know that Strong Kangen Water (pH 11) and Kangen Water® (pH 8.5 – 9.5) can clean and disinfect your fruits and vegetables?

Why use potentially contaminated tap water to clean your food, when you can use pure alkaline water instead? Skip the cost of produce cleaning sprays! Save your money and use what you know works the best: Kangen Water®!

If the produce you purchased has been treated with pesticides, Strong Kangen Water is a great emulsifier for cleaning these harmful chemicals off your food. Pesticides are oil-based, so rain water and tap water can’t get rid of them. But Strong Kangen Water is a powerful tool against germs, bacteria, and pesticides! Regular Kangen Water® won’t have the same disinfectant strength, but it is a much better alternative than tap water when you need to rinse off your produce. You can even boil vegetables in Kangen Water® to bring out their great, natural flavor!

Here are some other tips for your produce:

  • Always buy in season to ensure the freshest food!
  • Choose brilliantly-colored ripe produce. Be picky!
  • Keep your raw meat separated from all your other groceries.
  • Wash your hands before handling any raw food (including produce!)
  • Wash every part of your fruit or vegetable, even if you don’t plan on eating the peel or rind.

Enjoy the many benefits of the cleanest seasonal produce all year long with Kangen Water®!