Cooking with Kangen Water

Eat for Health and for Life!

Maximize the purpose of your Enagic® machine by learning how to prepare healthy meals with Kangen Water®. Chef Pascal Allaire, a certified Nutritionist, Holistic Practitioner, and world-renown Classic French Chef, has created a dynamite DVD series called “Open the Door to Evolution.” In these instructional videos, he teaches simple techniques for cleaning fresh ingredients and cooking healthy meals with the help of Kangen Water®, Strong Kangen Water, and Strong Acidic Water. You will be amazed at how many uses your Enagic® machine has in the food preparation process!

Pascal CookingYou’re already drinking Kangen Water® to hydrate for your overall health, and now you can learn how to combine the heath benefits of Enagic® water with a step-by-step cooking program. Discover how you can clean and soak all your ingredients, create gourmet classic French sauces, cook delicious fresh seafood and meats, and even concoct decadent desserts with the help of your reliable Enagic® machine. This DVD will show how you can reduce fatigue, invigorate the body naturally with “Living Food”, and reach greater levels of performance with Kangen Water® Cuisine.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you can prepare healthy meals for your friends, family, and anyone who may be interested in learning more about Kangen Water®. Chef Pascal’s cooking methods are simple, fun, and a perfect family-centered activity.

Chef Pascal’s DVD “Open the Door to Evolution” is available online for direct ordering at This is also the perfect gift for anyone who is health-conscious, enjoys new cooking techniques, or loves Kangen Water®.

Prepare food with passion and purpose!

Child Dehydration: How You Can Help with Kangen Water®

America’s Dehydrated Youth
If you think you should only hydrate for your own benefit, think again! America’s children are suffering from dehydration, and they need positive role models to lead them to healthier choices.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, only 15 to 60 percent of boys, and 10 to 54 percent of girls (depending on their age) drink the bare minimum amount of water recommended by the U.S. Institute of Medicine1.

Sugary drink for lunch

Sugary drink for lunch

So what are they drinking instead of water? A recent study at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health found that 84% of children and teens drink at least one sugar-sweetened beverage every day2. The most popular sugary drink is – no shock here – soda, followed by fruit punches, fruit drinks, and sports drinks2.

The excessive consumption of these unhealthy drinks can lead to a variety of issues, including childhood obesity, energy imbalance, and high acidity2.

Our children need to stay properly hydrated for optimal health. Even slight dehydration can affect physiological functioning, mental development, and cognitive performance1. What action can we all take to break America’s youth from their addiction to sugar?

The Change Starts with You!
No parent or child is going to listen to the advice of someone who isn’t staying hydrated himself. Make sure you’re consuming the recommended 2 to 3 liters of Kangen Water® every day. Educate yourself about the importance of staying balanced and hydrated, and feel comfortable talking to parents and children about the necessity of drinking plenty of water every day, instead of unhealthy sweetened beverages.

So when you want to set a good example for others on how to live a healthy life, choose to hydrate with Kangen Water®!


Fall Is Here

September 22nd marks the official “First Day of Fall”. The kids are back in school, summer vacation is behind you, and cooler weather lies ahead. It’s a beautiful season. The leaves are changing, the temperature is cooler but there’s no snow to deal with, and life moves forward toward the holidays. Undoubtedly, family life gets busier as the holidays creep closer and closer, with costumes to prepare, a Thanksgiving meal to be made, and presents to be opened, so now is the time to enjoy the calm before the storm.

At Enagic, our goal is to help you realize complete health, and that includes your mindset. Staying hydrated with healthy, Kangen Water® allows your body to function at optimal level, and taking a family time-out allows your mind to release the stress of the world and wind down a bit. Stress, worry, and anxiety are all forms of mental toxins. It is vital for your mood and emotional health that you take time to clear your mind.

Kangen Water

Take your family for a picnic, enjoy the great outdoors, pick apples, enjoy freshly harvested vegetables, and simply enjoy the wonders of family-time. Taking time to relax is essential for well-rounded health. Work is always present and homework is always there for the kids. Take time to relax, breathe, and enjoy life before a hectic week begins again.

With Kangen Water® you can find your path to complete health: mind, body and finances.

Clean Windows, Naturally

Enjoying breakfast by your kitchen window, opening the shades to allow the natural sunlight to flood the living room, and smiling at the cat who jumps on the windowsill to dream of catching birds – the morning sunshine is beautiful, uplifting and energizing!

Then you notice the dust build-up or streaks left behind from the window cleaner, or perhaps little finger prints, distracting you from the beautiful rays. You have a choice: bring out the chemical filled window cleaner, spend extra on “green” products, or simply make your own inexpensive natural products at home.

Manufacturers are not required to list all ingredients used in their products. The listing you see on the back is what they have chosen to list, not necessarily every chemical and toxin actually used.

sprayButyl cellosolve, found in most glass cleaners is easily absorbed through the skin. A minor reaction may include skin irritation and respiratory issues. Long term exposure or accidental ingestion can cause damage to the blood, kidneys, and central nervous system. A build-up of this toxin can cause serious health consequences. This is just an example of one of the many chemicals used in commercial glass cleaners.

You may not be able to control all the dangers of this world, but you can keep your children safer at home by eliminating toxins from your household. Did you know that household products are the number one source of child poisonings?

With Strong Kangen Water and a few basic household ingredients you can achieve clear, shiny windows and take a step closer to a chemical-free home, safe for the entire family.

One of the greatest features of your Kangen Water® machine is the ability to choose from 5 different water types, ranging from Strong Kangen Water to Strong Acidic Water. Each type has important and distinct abilities.

Strong Kangen Water is great for cleaning around the house. It is easily absorbed and the high alkaline content gives it the strength to tackle dirt, grime, and oil. Use this recipe for an effective, non-toxic, and inexpensive alternative that you can make right at home!

Window Cleaner

  • 1/4 cup of distilled white vinegar
  • 1/2 teaspoon liquid soap
  • 2 cups Strong Kangen Water
  • 10-12 drops essential oil *(optional for scent)

Combine in a spray bottle and shake to blend.

* Be sure to include the liquid soap, as it will cut the wax build up left behind from using commercial products.

* Essential oils are remarkably powerful. If you are chemically sensitive to fragrance, you can leave this step out. It is not essential to the cleaning process but leaves a pleasant scent.

Have fun making your own cleaner! You’ll protect your wallet, health and environment with clean, non-toxic, and chemical-free products.


Hubert, Cynthia. “Shades of Green: The big scrub-off: It’s not hard to buy so-called eco-friendly cleaners, but do they work — and really meet the standard?” Knight Ridder Tribune Business News. Oct. 10, 2007