Healthy and Regular with Kangen Water®

America’s Common Battle
Too many Americans struggle with irregularity, poor digestion, and bloating. These common problems attack people of all ages, and can be terribly uncomfortable and unhealthy.

What if there were one product that could help avoid these unfavorable symptoms? Instead of taking expensive supplements, why not return your body to its origin with Kangen Water® – clean, refreshing alkaline water that can be made in your own home with the push of a button on your Enagic® machine!

Healthy Digestion with Kangen Water®

8 glasses of Kangen Water®

Fortunately, when you have Kangen Water®, you have an excellent support for healthy digestion and waste elimination!1 Alkaline water has been found to promote a healthy stomach and the natural processes of the intestines. So when you drink the recommended 6 to 8 glasses of water a day, you’re not only taking control of your hydration needs, you’re also proactively supporting healthy digestion!

Kangen Water® can also help reduce some forms of bloating. Many people feel bloated when they drink 8 glasses of ordinary water a day. But thanks to Kangen Water’s micro clustering and quick absorption, there is a higher “drinkability” of this delicious alkaline water. 64 ounces later, you won’t have the annoying bloated feeling that is so common with other types of beverages.

So fill up your reusable water bottle or canteen before leaving the house, and drink Kangen Water® all day long for healthy digestion and regularity!

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Cooking with Kangen Water

Eat for Health and for Life!

Maximize the purpose of your Enagic® machine by learning how to prepare healthy meals with Kangen Water®. Chef Pascal Allaire, a certified Nutritionist, Holistic Practitioner, and world-renown Classic French Chef, has created a dynamite DVD series called “Open the Door to Evolution.” In these instructional videos, he teaches simple techniques for cleaning fresh ingredients and cooking healthy meals with the help of Kangen Water®, Strong Kangen Water, and Strong Acidic Water. You will be amazed at how many uses your Enagic® machine has in the food preparation process!

Pascal CookingYou’re already drinking Kangen Water® to hydrate for your overall health, and now you can learn how to combine the heath benefits of Enagic® water with a step-by-step cooking program. Discover how you can clean and soak all your ingredients, create gourmet classic French sauces, cook delicious fresh seafood and meats, and even concoct decadent desserts with the help of your reliable Enagic® machine. This DVD will show how you can reduce fatigue, invigorate the body naturally with “Living Food”, and reach greater levels of performance with Kangen Water® Cuisine.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you can prepare healthy meals for your friends, family, and anyone who may be interested in learning more about Kangen Water®. Chef Pascal’s cooking methods are simple, fun, and a perfect family-centered activity.

Chef Pascal’s DVD “Open the Door to Evolution” is available online for direct ordering at This is also the perfect gift for anyone who is health-conscious, enjoys new cooking techniques, or loves Kangen Water®.

Prepare food with passion and purpose!

Make Your Kangen Water® a “Trenta”

What are you drinking?The Tremendous Trenta
If you have been following the news buzz the last few days, you probably heard that due to overwhelming customer feedback, Starbucks will be introducing a new fourth size – the “Trenta.” This 31-ounce giant will be specifically for their iced coffees, iced teas, and iced tea lemonades. According to the National Post 1, the Trenta is actually bigger than your stomach! While most of us have a 900 ml capacity in our stomachs, the Trenta is a whopping 916 ml! This super-collosal beverage has the equivalent caffeine of 4 cups of coffee. Imagine over-flowing your stomach with the caffeine and sugar found in most of these iced drinks!

Make It Kangen Water®
At Enagic®, we encourage every person to consume the healthy recommended 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day. So if you fill a “Trenta” with Kangen Water®, you’re almost there! Although we suggest you choose a reusable 1 liter Enagic® water bottle instead2. No matter which container you use, there is no denying that clean, alkaline Kangen Water® is a better choice for optimal hydration than any caffeinated or sugary beverage!

Don’t get sucked into the hype of the same unhealthy beverage in a larger package. Remember that your Kangen Water® can help you sustain a healthy body with its powerful anti-oxidants and alkalinity that will help keep your body’s pH level balanced. There is no substitute for the always refreshing and healthy Kangen Water®.


Exercise During the Fall

Exercise, Fall and Kangen WaterExercise is something we often look at as a chore that needs to be done. A way to get in shape or lose the spare tire. But what would happen if we changed our view of exercise? If we looked at it as a way to improve our entire lives and help us live better? The Mayo Clinic lists 6 ways1 exercise is beneficial to our lives and it may just rearrange the way you look at it!

1. Exercise improves your mood
2. Exercise combats chronic disease
3. Exercise helps you manage your weight
4. Exercise boots your energy level
5. Exercise promotes better sleep
6. Exercise can be fun!

The last point is especially true in the Fall. It’s cool enough outside that you don’t typically have to worry about getting overheated and the beautiful fall colors add an amazing backdrop to your outdoor exercise. Mix up your routine and challenge your family to a fun kickball game or grab your bikes and see who can find the best carved pumpkin in the neighborhood. Take advantage of the corn mazes, apple picking and pumpkin patch browsing your city offers. All of these will get you up and moving.

As with all activity, proper hydration is crucial to your body. Be sure to take along a bottle of Kangen Water® everywhere you go so you’re able to enjoy all the benefits it offers.

Exercise, Fall and Kangen Water® the perfect formula for a happy and healthy life.

What are your favorite “outside the box” exercises during the Fall?


How We Hydrate

Since water comprises about 50 to 70% of our physical composition, it makes sense that hydration is key to good health1. Every day you have the opportunity to choose to hydrate with healthy, beneficial, and uncontaminated fluids that can thoroughly nourish your body. When was the last time you inspected what you choose to drink every day? Here’s a ranking of the most consumed beverages in the U.S. (Beverage Marketing Corporation, 2008):

1. Carbonated Soft Drinks
2. Bottled Water
3. Coffee
4. Milk
5. Beer

Why do so many Americans choose to fill their bodies with sugary, caffeinated beverages that do not have additional benefits and/or do not prevent dehydration?2
Kangen Water

A 2008 study found that carbonated soft drinks were consumed almost twice as much as any other beverage. Unfortunately, soft drinks are full of calories, and even the Center for Disease Control has recommended measures to decrease the consumption of this sugary beverage3. Clearly, this is not what should be fueling the body.

Kangen Water® can hydrate your body with clean, healthy water, and it’s conveniently available in the comfort of your own home. Your Enagic Kangen Water® machine offers a variety of water along the pH scale, so you can sustain inner and outer health with the touch of a button. Choose alkaline Kangen Water® and drink the recommended 8-10 glasses, or 2-3 liters4, for daily hydration.

Fight the urge to fill your body with unhealthy beverages! Be smart; hydrate with delicious and fresh Kangen Water® for better health.