Staying Smart in the Sun

Staying smart in the sun with Enagic!Summer is the perfect time to spend your days outdoors – picnicking in the park, relaxing by the pool, or vacationing to the beach. Don’t let sunburn or heatstroke hold you back! If you take the necessary precautions to stay smart in the sun, you’ll find your entire summer more enjoyable.

Sunburns may seem like nothing more than a pesky nuisance, but they can increase your risk for heatstroke and even some types of skin cancer. Be diligent with sunscreen protection, and don’t forget your sunglasses and hat. If you do get sunburn, staying adequately hydrated will help you heal much faster.

Unlike sunburns, heatstroke is a very serious medical emergency that could be fatal if not taken care of immediately. Your body is usually able to release heat through sweating or by radiation through your skin, but heatstroke occurs when your internal temperature becomes too high – sometimes as high as 106 Fahrenheit! There are two main causes of heatstroke. Being exposed to high heat, high humidity, or over-exerting yourself in the sun can lead to heatstroke, but the most common cause is dehydration. When your body is not properly hydrated, you are unable to sweat, and the excessive heat gets trapped with nowhere to go.

The solution: drink more water! You should already be drinking 8-10 cups of water every day, but when you know you’re going to be enjoying the long, hot summer days, you should fill up that water canteen one more time.
Enagic's 1 liter water bottle!
The type of water you drink is one of the most important decisions you’ll make this summer. Bottled and tap water may seem more convenient, but at what expense? Both waters can contain contaminants and metals, and the price of bottled water continues to increase.

Enagic’s Kangen Water® is pure, clean, “living water” that will keep your body healthy and hydrated. When you enjoy the refreshing taste of Kangen Water® this summer, you’ll receive all the benefits of regular water, plus the extra boosts that only Kangen Water® can bring.

Enagic has made Kangen Water® convenient for you all summer. Fill up your water canteen before you leave the house, or bring along your own Leveluk Portable unit wherever you go. You can spritz Enagic’s Beauty Water (another type of Kangen Water®) all over your body to leave your skin moisturized and beautifully hydrated. Since dry skin is more susceptible to sunburns, this may help protect your body even before you add the sunscreen. Also, mist some cool, refreshing Beauty Water over a sunburn to help soothe and alleviate that irritating pain.

Use Kangen Water®and see all the ways it can help you have an enjoyable summer!