What is Kangen Water from Enagic?

Kangen Water® is seeing a great surge of popularity among the health-conscious. As we learn more and more about the health benefits of water for our bodies, we’re also learning that certain types of water are better for us than others.

Kangen Water is the official name of water created by Enagic’s innovative water ionization technology. The Kangen Water filtration system removes many harmful chemicals from tap water, and produces a more healthy water through the process of electrolysis.

Many people use Kangen Water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and personal hygiene. Kangen means “return to origin” in Japanese, so this means we’re taking water back to its purest origins.

Kangen Water machines work by applying an electrical charge to your tap water, and then sending that charged water through an ion exchange membrane. This will mix positive and negative ions within the water, which can help break molecular bonds on dirt, which is why it is ideal for cleaning and personal hygiene.

The Kangen Water will break the molecular bonds on dirt and oil on your face, keeping it clean, smooth, and moist. Rather than using harsh astringents that dry out your skin, or leaving a soapy film on your skin because your water can’t clean it all off, Kangen Water can help clean your face better than regular tap water.

It can also help you clean your home by loosening the molecular bonds between dirt and the surfaces you’re washing, attracting it like a magnet. This way, Kangen Water can actually lift grime and dirt off surfaces, which makes it easy to wipe away. No need for dangerous, toxic cleaners, no need for abrasive sponges and frantic scrubbing.

Kangen Water is also better for personal health. While drinking tap water is better than buying soft drinks, it’s still not the safest it could be. Recent investigations revealed that tap water in 42 states has been found to be contaminated with more than 140 unregulated chemicals. Local governments do their best to make the water safe, but the water ends up tasting chlorinated and unpleasant to drink. Even well water isn’t always safe, especially homes that are close to farms and animal production facilities with chemical and animal waste runoff.

A Kangen Water system, with appropriate filters, can clean up contaminated and polluted water, removing the chemicals, bacteria, and other unpleasant little nasties that can cause ill health.

Even bottled water isn’t always a viable solution. It costs more, creates further environmental damage through creating and disposing of the bottles, and believe it or not, is not always free of contaminants. Studies have shown that one-third of bottled water contains levels of contamination that exceed allowable limits.

And if you buy bottled water from the store, you can pay as much as $1 – $2 per bottle, just for a false sense of safety. Rather than buying bottled water at a premium price, you can use a Kangen Water system for pennies a day, and create all the safe water you want, right from your tap!

Another common water filtration system we see is reverse osmosis water. Reverse osmosis water is effective in rural and suburban areas that don’t have municipally treated water, like you have in the cities and towns. However, reverse osmosis can’t remove pesticides, herbicides, and chlorine, which are molecularly smaller than water, and can pass through the reverse osmosis filter.

Another problem is that reverse osmosis will also remove healthy water minerals, which provide a health benefit for our bodies. If you strip these minerals from the water, it can actually be unhealthy for us. When you consider that 2 – 3 gallons of water is wasted for every gallon of water purified through a reverse osmosis system, you start to see why Kangen Water® is a better alternative for anyone who wants to purify their tap water.

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17 thoughts on “What is Kangen Water from Enagic?

  1. We know that changing regular water to Kangen water is a life changing experience but we should also note that if you are not on Kangen water you are drinking your health away! Kudos Enagic!

  2. I love how I can drink 2 glasses of water one after another and not feel bloated because it gets absorbed so fast. Good,fast hydration. I’m drinking the water and I’m on many medications. I’m curious how it will improve my asthma.nd most bottled water just makes me acidic…just think of acidosis I was having some fluid in my lungs and I kept drinking kangen water all morning and peeing and my lungs feel better now. My desire for soda is decreasing since I know there is something much better for me to drink and the soda just makes me acidic. And cancer loves an acidic environment. That’s pretty powerful information. Getting the Kangen water means no more carrying gallon jugs. I have sleep apnea and I’m planning on using it in my machine instead of distilled water. I’ll have to see the difference that makes in my lungs and face since the face mask holds in the moisture. I may be getting a facial at the same time. It will put antioxidants right into my lungs. Its important to mix water with the air in the cpap machine. Its done in a fine mist. I would be selling these units except I’m on workers comp and can’t have another income but I talk to people and can refer them to my sponser. Kangen water is a wonderful advancement now available in the USA.

  3. When you really understand what Kangen Water “IS” you won’t drink any other water and probably won’t want to drink most other beverages. We use all the different waters produced from our machine. From the 2.5 pH acidic water, which I have used on my foot for a puncture wound, the 5.5 pH beauty water for face cleaning and re-hydration, the 8.5 – 9.5 pH for drinking, and the 11.5 pH for cleaning pesticides off of fruits and vegetables as well as getting stains out of clothing and wine out of a neighbor’s couch. When you add up all the things this machine does by eliminating your chemical household cleaners…you will save money when you have your own Enagic SD501 Kangen Water Machine.

  4. I was blown away in the difference I felt when I first started drinking Kangen Water® I did not want to be without it…. I’m very Blessed to have this machine in our home.. I thank my neighbor for bringing this to me… I’m looking forward to sharing it with others!!

  5. On Jan. 14, 2012 my brother-in-law and his wife came over my house (around 2:00 PM) to show to my sister and me his new Kangen machine. He gave a demo to us and also let us drank the water 8.5 pH as well as the Clean Water, and we like the taste of both very much! The couple stayed overnight at my house and while they were there I drank about 5 cups of the Kangen 8.5. The following day I drank again about 6 cups. I really enjoyed the taste; I felt hydrated and rested after drinking it.

    When my brother-in-law and his wife left on Sunday, they left me gallons of Kangen 8.5 and Beauty water good for 5 days. My sister and I already consumed all the gallons of water, and now we could hardly wait till I get my order. We would be missing the Kangen water till my order comes in to my house.

    For your info, before I drank the Kangen water, I was using everyday a Neti pot to clear up my sinus. I did not need to use it anymore from Jan. 15 till today (Jan. 20). I believe the Kangen water helped me with my sinus problem. I have to wait till my Kangen machine comes so I’ll stop using the Neti pot again. By the way, I’ll call the manufacturer to ask if I could use the Kangen Clean Water with my Neti pot. Does anyone know? As of now, I am using the distilled water from the store.

    I’m looking forward to receiving my Kangen machine next week. It’s being delivered to my brother-in-law in St. Cloud (one and a half hour drive from my house), so he could install and assemble it for me, and then he will deliver it to my house by Jan. 28. Anticipation would drive me crazy, because I know the machine would do great things for me.

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  7. I have used my Kangen machine for the last two years and I am very happy with the results. Before I bought the machine my kidneys were very bad, but now since I’ve been using my machine and drinking the alkaline water, instead of soft drinks and bottled water, my kidneys have improved 100%. My doctor was shocked as well as my wife, and myself. So I will keep drinking the alkaline water, and using my kangen machine for as long as possible., and try to keep my body as alkaline as possible. I’d advise most Americans to buy and use Kangen water – thank you, Frank Adonis.

  8. Am I right to assume any water that comes out of the Enagic machine is Kangen Water, irregardless of pH level? And that Enagic is the only brand that can use the word Kangen? Amazing as they sound, all the claims for health, economic and environmental benefits can be true if done properly.

    However, I’m confused at the fact that there is no explanation as to why there is such a huge amount of (do not drink) water coming out of the short tube at the lower part of the machine. Typical counter installation direct that water to the drain, which I can not justifiably call Green Machine specially in the Southwest Region where we are located. There is no section in the User Manual as to what we can do to avoid wastage. If it is not safe to drink, we deserve to know why. In our effort to conserve precious water, what can we use it for?

    • Hi Rey! Typically we refer to the drinking waters as “Kangen Water®” but generally yes, you could say its all “Kangen Water®”. You are right to question the waste in the second hose!!! In fact, what we actually recommend is capturing it (which is why there’s a special “faucet” that attaches to that hose)! You can use that “grey hose” water for various purposes depending on the type of water you are generating. For example, if you are generating one of the drinking waters, the grey hose will be putting out slightly acidic beauty water! Capture that water and add it to little spray bottles (can be bought at http://www.enagic.com/shop/en/supplies/bottles.html) for spritzing your face throughout the day. If you are generating STRONG KANGEN WATER (11.5) then the gray house will output STRONG ACIDIC WATER – capture this and put it in the BLACK bottles found at enagic shop. This water can be used to sanitize and clean your kitchen or other surfaces. So as you see, there doesn’t have to be any waste at all – we applaud your consideration for the environment!

    • A great way to find distributors is to search in google “kangen water

      ” Swap out

      for your own. You’ll find many websites for Enagic Distributors.

  9. My wife and I were introduced to Kangen water 5+ years ago by a friend who lives near-by and we immediately began using the water regularily (graciously supplied by him in large dispensing jugs as we need it) and the greatest benefit we’ve found to-date is that our cat (who suffered from severe epileptic seizures that came-on every 3 to 4 months for the first two years of his life) has not had a single seizure since we began giving him 9.5 alkaline level Kangen water instead of tap water. We’re convinced that the water has caused the cessation of his seizures (because of how serious and regular his seizures were and how immediately they stopped after switching to Kangen), and it’s SO nice not to see him suffer through the 1 to 2 minute long, grand-mall seizures that actually would leave him temporarily blind for awhile afterward! I would (and have) recommend Kangen water for not only human use and consumption (because it’s benefits are many and noticeable) but that it also be provided to our pets…especially ones with health issues.

  10. Can you explain the following please. When making STRONG KANGEN WATER (11.5) the gray house will output STRONG ACIDIC WATER – capture this and put it in the BLACK bottles found at enagic shop. This water can be used to sanitize and clean your kitchen or other surfaces. What pH is this STRONG ACIDIC WATER and is it safe to handle (acid burns)???

    • The pH of Strong Acidic Water is 2.5. It cannot harm your skin. Its not “acid” in the sense that you may be thinking. Its incredibly low pH gives it a disinfecting power to rival and even replace your household cleaners. Its perfectly safe for handling, though not recommended for drinking.

  11. Hi,

    I read online that Enagic claims to filter the tap water but it actually only filters out lead and chlorine, it is not filtering the rest of the harmful components in tap water. Is this true? I wanted to make sure before I bought one, filtering out more than just chlorine and lead is very important to us.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Lindsey! A one-size-fits-all water “filter” is not really the way you want to think about it. While Enagic Water Ionizers do have high quality filters, they are focused on the core basics that afflict most customers. What we recommend is that you have your source water tested then customize the filtration to match your specific needs. That is why we offer the Dual Pre-Filtration System (DPS) that will attach to your Kangen Water® ionizer and pre-filter the water for your specific needs before doing a final filtration and most importantly, the ionization! Your distributor will be able to help you with this process to ensure you get the right pre-filtration system.

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