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E8PA Bronze Card




Bronze Card

  • Valid for one year upon purchase.
  • Personal Purchases must be your direct sale.
  • 1 count as one(1) unit; US$30/Point.
  • Stay at any Enagic affiliated lodging facility - 20% off regular fees.
  • Enjoy golfing, bowling and our Enagic Hot Spring - all for FREE!

       For more information, please visit for more details.

       Purchase of E8PA membership card requires below eligibility
       E8PA® membership is open to Enagic distributors interested in the declared purposes and benefits
       of the association. An Enagic distributor seeking  membership will be accepted as a member of E8PA® 
       upon submission, receipt, acceptance, and processing of the required registration application and fees.  
       Enagic distributors of “Tokurei” status do not qualify.

This option is only available to users who have purchased a Genealogy Request.

If you have already purchased a report, please login to submit a request. If you are an E8PA member, please go to