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E8PA Silver Card




Silver Card

  • Valid for one year upon purchase.
  • Personal Purchases must be your direct sale.
  • 1 count as one(1) unit; US$60/Point.
  • Stay at any Enagic affiliated lodging facility - 40% off regular fees.
  • Enjoy golfing, bowling and our Enagic Hot Spring - all for FREE!

       For more information, please visit for more details.

       Purchase of E8PA membership card requires below eligibility
       E8PA® membership is open to Enagic distributors interested in the declared purposes and benefits
       of the association. An Enagic distributor seeking  membership will be accepted as a member of E8PA® 
       upon submission, receipt, acceptance, and processing of the required registration application and fees.  
       Enagic distributors of “Tokurei” status do not qualify.