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Anespa DX






Mineral Ion Water Spa

This new model will be priced at $2,890 USD, effective August 1, 2017. 
HOWEVER, if you order the Anespa DX during the month of July 2017, you will be able to purchase it for only $2,390 USD! ($500 DISCOUNT!)

For the month of July 2017, E8PA members will be able to get the Anespa DX at the old Anespa price. Prices will go up to $2300 USD for E8PA members after August 1, 2017.

Enjoy the soothing feeling of being in a Hot Spring Resort everyday!  Take pleasure in the relaxing effects of ANESPA DX's mineral-ion water.

Ensures removal of virtually 100% of residual chlorine.

The cartridge purification system effectively removes chlorine and bacteria, leaving you with a fresh, invigorating feeling.

Contains a blend of natural hot spring ingredients and minerals, giving you the feeling that you're enjoying a pleasant hot spring and taking advantage of the mineral ion water.  Relax and enjoy!

Highly-effective against skin-deterioration and freckles.

Protect your delicate skin from the harmfull effects of tap water. Active charcoal filter Futama-ceramic inner filter.


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